Privacy and Confidentiality Policy

The following principles are aimed at protecting the privacy and confidentiality of staff, volunteers, participants and members:

  • Information which relates to an individual's personal affairs will be collected for lawful purposes only.
  • Information will not be gained by unfair or illegal means. This means that the information will not be gained without the knowledge and consent of the person concerned.
  • When information is requested you have the right to know:
    1. the reason it is required
    2. whether it is required by law
    3. who will have access to the information
  • Information will not be used for any purpose other than what it was intended, unless consent has been obtained to use the information for another purpose or it is believed to be essential to the life or health of the person concerned.
  • Only relevant, up to date information will be kept. Where collected information is required to be stored for mandatory periods, it will be stored in a secure manner.
  • Only those persons so authorised will have access to confidential information. Information that is required by law to be kept but is no longer used is store separately and securely.
  • It is a legal right of any person to have access to personal records kept about them.
  • It should be recorded whenever the information is used and for what purpose.

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