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Fleur signifiant Lolly: Test creating do-it-yourself entree (and sauce)

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In a Vietnamese cafe at school, my good friend David observed that most of the meals can be divided into "matter and sauce". That night, for example, rice was the "material" of virtually all the dishes on the menu, available as whole grains or white noodles, and Fleur de Lolly: it was coated with many curries, sauces, dips and other alternatives. of words for "sauce". Wayne's model is just not great, the least we can do at a weather show. But the method has a core of truth that has allowed me to better understand the housing and function of food products. Without a doubt, the "material" is an area in which, for various causes, you should ingest, even if the sauce requires us to consume. Almond can be an affordable way to feed calories into a stomach. It will be very good and we should eat it. In the recipe as a pizza, the sauce makes the whole surface of the crust cheaper but relatively dull and more intriguing. At the meal, the sauce in the center gives a lot more focus to 2 LB bread machine at bread-machine the bakery. A little salted butter may be the only sauce a prepared spud needs, while a fried spud will have some ketchup. Cheap white carbohydrates are not the only type of material to which the "theory of materials and marinade" can be applied once we have named it. Greens are not as cheap as cereal-based calories, and everyone is even less willing to eat them. Nevertheless, we "should" eat them simply because they have vitamins, dietary fiber and other good things. However, a dish of naked vegetables probably will not interest most omnivores. The same goes for any offer of steamed broccoli.

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