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Spending Traylor, the subject of a magnificent retrospective at Smithsonian U. s. Public Art, Washington, Deborah. C., "Between Sides: Ale Expenses Traylor", is a 14-year-old slave from his birth in the Dallas area of ​​Alabama, circa 1853, until cavalry marriages passes through the natural cotton village where he was possessed, in 1865. 62-4 years later, in 1939, homeless for the Montgomery sidewalk, he begins to Police: Man accused be an exceptional performer in making beautifully charming, remarkable and absolutely beautiful sketches authentic on localized pressed cardboard cuttings. He started sketching, then began to color, to draw sharp figures of characters and animals - wild dogs, menacing snakes, sophisticated birds, men wearing hats, disguised women, delighted customers - individually or for sometimes aggressive connection. There were also hieratic abstractions of simple varieties - such as a pink apparatus over a dark crossbar, a blue disc, plus a reddish trapezoidal start - symmetrically assembled and animated. Black dog leash at dog-leash Traylor's fashion has for her two very old things, like prehistoric paintings, then a new one. Sung rhythms reminiscent of the spruce and blues of the time, as well as a sense of scale, in the way the varieties correspond to the space that contains them, give a beautiful existence to the most minute photographs. Traylor's images are a sign of approval on your eyes and your mind. Charles Shannon - performer and conductor of the last band Au Sud, a progressive group of young white designers in Montgomery - observed and became friends with Traylor in 1939, offering him income and equipment and accumulating almost all of 1000 executions that make it.

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