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SoundCloud gives music expressing to Instagram Tales

SoundCloud on Instagram has the same competition for Instagram programs with 80 to 5 teenagers using Instagram at least one of Instagram's favorite social systems 32%, according to Piper Jaffray's updated report this week. By his music in Instagram that may not be the system now. exposes audio SoundCloud brings music marketing professionals, according to Instagram. Get a lot of potential customers, which is crucial for 40,000 Spotify compared.

Seattle - A distinctive guitar, such as a Japanese multi-stringed shamisen classic, but more compact, brighter and easier to maintain, was developed by a small Tokyo producer as a new memory for foreign visitors. The "shamiko", which seems to be and seems comparable to its full genre, is manufactured by the Seberu Pico Co. necklace producer, operating from the Katsushika Infirmary in Tokyo. Tomoyasu Ninomiya, an outspoken leader for 70 years, said, "I hope that features the shamiko will be able to establish a chance to send Japanese culture." One of the many improvements of Shamiko is its system, made from a square. Measuring application of solid wood called "masu" encased in a classic Japanese paper extremely resistant, rather than in the pores and skin of shamisen animals. This is supposed to lower the price and improve its toughness. An opening in the back of our body improves the appearance. The performers participate in the few messages on the shamiko's abs with a To help novices, there are quantities for the neck of the guitar to show the player where you can stand on the post to check the audio ratings. The instruments charge between 15,000 and 58,000 yen, depending on their design and size. Ninomiya, who is very interested in Japanese culture, said that after creating a shamisen membership within his organization, the classical musical instrument had disadvantages, for example the high cost and the recurrence rate of the musician. interview. He proposed the concept of "creating your own shamisen." It took five years for Ninomiya and the workers, who had no knowledge of instrument generation, to generate their first sale.

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